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Contact Lenses

As a local opticians since 1986, we have learned that an exceptional contact lens practice is one that works for its patients.


The freedom and comfort offered by contact lenses can be a life-changing alternative to glasses. With this in mind, we take time with each patient to understand what will make their contact lens experience excellent. Our service includes thorough assessments, personalised recommendations and comprehensive aftercare.

Contact Lens Assessments

Before you can start wearing contact lenses, we will carry out an assessment to ensure that you can wear them comfortably and safely. During the assessment, your optometrist will update or calculate your prescription, examine your eyes to see which type of lens will be the right choice for you and discuss how you want to use your contact lenses. 


These appointments are there to help us fit you with precisely the right contact lenses, so we encourage you to ask your optometrist about anything that’s concerning you and let them know your priorities for your personalised contact lens routine. 

Young woman wearing contact eye lenses
Close up of contact lens on finger

The Different Types Of Contact Lenses

With many types of lenses from leading manufacturers, we can help you find lenses that are well-suited to your needs.


We have extensive experience in fitting lenses for different prescriptions and situations. With daily and monthly disposable, multifocal, toric and rigid gas-permeable lenses, we are equipped to help all of our patients find an option that works for them.

Aftercare And Advice

Ensuring that you feel comfortable and confident in your lenses, means checking in with you after your initial assessment and fitting. This is why we offer an aftercare service – to retest your vision, assess your eye health and see how you are finding your contact lens experience. 

Contact Lens Aftercare
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